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LOGAN august 2008 – may 2016 – RIP my beautiful boy x
How to Rescue 9 German Shepherds in a Day!

THE DAY WE SAVED THE 9 SHEPHERDSJust over a week ago, one of GSRV's biggest rescues took place – 9 dogs in one day! They had all been seized from the one property and we had been asked to take them into care. This involved a weeks worth of meticulous planning and a solid coming together of the GSRV team and our wonderful volunteers.Thanks to so many people who happily put their hands up to help, this amazing day, although heartbreaking at times, went smoothly and all dogs are now safely in care with loving families. Take a look at how the day went and how they are all doing now.

Posted by German Shepherd Rescue Victoria on Tuesday, 14 June 2016