Bag of Bones


Home Made & Healthy DOG TREATS Naturally


Bag of Bones – Home Made & Healthy DOG TREATS Gourmet-Style

No Added Salt or Sugar, Preservatives, Colours or Additives – Nothing Artificial – just Healthy NATURAL Ingredients:

Wholemeal flour, Wholegrain Oats, Polenta, Bran, Ricebran Oil, Black-strap Molasses & Free-Range Eggs

In these tantalising flavours:

•    Mixed Bag – 8 delicious flavours
•    Smoochable – for a breath to get close to
•    Slim ‘n Trim – designed for the health conscious
•    Puppy Love – especially for the little one
•    Charlie Browns’ – a nutty treat for your pet
•    Out Shine – for a full & glossy coat
•    Inside Glow – keeping their digestion healthy
•    Classic Style – for the older connoisseur
•    Wind Change – add a freshness to the air
•    Santa Paws – a special treat at Xmas time (Nov/Dec only)

Available in – 8 pack or bulk pack of 30