Protein Plus



PROTEIN PLUS – Natural Pet Meal Boost

Make your pet’s meal more nutritional and flavoursome.

Hunting out healthy ways to enhance the nutrition of store-bought kibble, that of a home-made meal, or just looking to increase the palatability of your dogs or cat’s food? Then our pet food meal enhancers are just the thing.

Australian Made from grass fed animals or wild caught seafood and 100% natural – no artificial anything!

Just sprinkle on a wet meal and mix through, or add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through your dog or cat’s kibble to make it more flavoursome whilst increasing the nutritional value of the meal.

Suitable for both Dogs & Cats

As a Protein Boost:
Kangaroo, Lamb & Beef
Our pets bodies appreciate the different sources of nutrition, while their taste buds appreciate delicious changes on their palate. Variety brings excitement and interest to your pets meal.

Keep your pet healthier and live longer through the food you feed them.

Processed by dehydration through refrigeration means using lower temperatures for a highly concentrated product. By using this process it is the closest to feeding a raw diet. Making the products totally digestible, 100% pure and extremely natural.

Natural Meal Boosts for Pets are concentrated and nutrient-rich, making them economical as well as healthy – use in moderation

Available in: 150g jar