Here at PAW PRINTZ not only are we passionate about the health and well-being of our dogs, but also our chickens and the local native wildlife.

Established in 2001, PAW PRINTZ offers a chemical-free range of Natural Health-care Products including our best-selling Skin Lotion and Shampoo for Sensitive Skins, as well as Nutritional Supplements (including our renowned ‘Ezy Bones’) to compliment the home made canine diet. Alongside a range of Home made and Healthy Dog and Cat Treats – all natural dog biscuits, and dehydrated meat, fish or vegetarian treats. All Natural, All Healthy, Always.

We source Organic where ever possible. All ingredients are ‘Human Grade’ – NO ‘Pet’ or ‘2nd’ Grade Products are used, with the addition of specific herbs to deal with common animal problems (ie: fresh breath, over weight, flatulence). Home Made and Healthy Pet Treats as they should be.

The Nutritional Supplements have been developed to not only compliment a home-made diet, but also to enhance any commercial diet. From puppyhood right thro’ to their twilight years, you’ll know your pet is getting everything he/she needs for optimal pet health.

All Natural Health-Care Products are made from Top-Quality 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients. Including a Shampoo for Sensitive Skins, a bush-flower remedy to help calm and a natural Skin Lotion that works! Because we care for our Pets & Yours.

We wanted the very best for our companions – now your Pet can benefit from what our own Pets LOVE.