Pets Home Alone

Possibly the best option is to be able to leave your pet in their own environment.

If taking your pet on holiday with you is not an option, then here’s a few things to consider when choosing where your pet will stay.

  • Could someone house-sit whilst your away, looking after both your pets & your home
  • Can your pet be left at home alone, with a neighbour/friend to call in daily to fed, walk and cuddle them whilst your away
  • Do you have a boarding facility available where you are happy to leave your pets

Possibly the best option is to be able to leave your pet in their own environment. Even though their routine may change, they will be more at ease in familiar surroundings.

Leaving your pets at home alone, with a neighbour/friend calling in to feed/walk daily is more suitable for  pets such as cats, chickens, goats, horses, etc.  Dogs are not only creatures of habit, but also very sociable. Left to their own devices for too many long hours may lead to unwanted destruction around the home. Especially if your dog is nervous during thunderstorms/fireworks.

The third option is to take your animals to stay elsewhere. If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends who will take your pets in – great, problem solved! Otherwise you will need to find a boarding facility with which you are comfortable knowing that your pets will be well looked after.

When choosing a facility, take into account your pet’s temperament. If you have a social dog, you might wish to take them to a place where there are other dogs. Allowing dogs of similar size to socialise together can not only be fun, but also teaches them good solialising skills.
Here’s some things to look for when visiting a prospective boarding facility:

  • Do the dogs have their own run and sleeping area
  • Will your dog get individual exercise time and/or social time with other dogs
  • If you have more than one dog, can they be kept together
  • Can you supply their own bedding, toys & meals if you so desire
  • If your pet is used to sleeping inside, can this be accommodated for
  • Do they require that pets be fully vaccinated before their stay
  • What veterinary services are available if your pet falls ill
  • Does the facility offer a pick up/delivery of your pets
  • Can they offer Meals & Treats or Grooming service
  • Are the owners kind, knowledgeable and relaxed in showing you around the facility
  • If there are other pets on the premises, do they appear friendly and happy

The best way to select a boarding facility is often thro’ word of mouth. Talk to your friends and vet for recommendations. Visit your facility of choice before leaving your pet there. This helps give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your animals are being fed, exercised and cared for regularly. Often you will find that others will genuinely treat your pet as one of their own – to be cuddled, played with and cared for 100%.