Spratz (large)


Fish Treat – All Australian Naturally Dried

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Spratz – Fish isn’t only for Cats! A healthy treat for your four-legged friend

•    Wild caught from the pristine waters of East coast, Australia
•    Low in Fat – less than 3% – sizes varies 10-15cm
•    High In Omega Oils, vitamin B, iron and calcium
•    A rich source of high quality protein (80%)
•    Perfect as a training aid or snack
•    100% Organic Australian Export Quality Product

These fish are 100% human grade, dehydrated using refrigeration to extract moisture from the product inside a hermetically sealed chamber. This unique process allows the fish to be produced using NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS, PRESERVATIVES or ADDITIVES, while locking in the colour and flavour.

Available in 100g cello bags