Dogs Breakfast Porridge


Dogs’ Breakfast – start everyday the healthy way


Naturally Healthy Porridge for Dogs

  • A top-quality completely natural blended porridge for dogs.
  • Absolutely free of harmful additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.
  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help obtain optimum health.
  • Serve on its own, or integrate into your pets daily meals. Just add hot water, let sit till it cools & serve
  • Compliments the Raw Food Diet

Contains NO – Wheat, Corn or Soy Products – All Natural
No Added Salts or Sugars – Nothing Artificial

Suggested serve – ¼ cup per 10kg Dog

Put 1-part ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ to 100mls boiling water into dish. Leave 5-10 minutes. Stir and serve.
For added flavour – Add a little unsweetened natural yoghurt or sugar-free apple juice.

In a base of Wholegrain Oats – Enriched with: Flaxseed Meal, Organic Coconut Crunch, Psyllium Husks, Sunflower, Sesame & Chia Seeds.

*Breakfast is recommended for any dog which spends an hour or more in active outdoor exercise.

No. of Serves:
250g packet    Small dog    approx. 10 serves
500g packet    Medium dog   approx. 10 serves
1 kg packet    Large dog   approx. 14 serves