Follow that Polar Bear! ebook


An autumn trek discovering Polar Bear, Grey Wolves & Black Bears on the east coast of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada.

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Follow that Polar Bear!

by Donna Racheal

Wildly rugged and remote, polar bears gravitate towards the Hudson Bay coast in autumn, as they wait for the Bay to freeze to begin their annual seal hunt. They’re the star attractions here as you’re more likely to encounter polar bears here than anywhere else on earth. And there’s plenty more amazing wildlife – grey wolves, black bears, moose and caribou to name a few. The remoteness provides exclusive access to one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. Breath-taking encounters and once in a lifetime photographs were created here.

Lovingly produced by award-winning Photographer/Author in full colour, this photographic essay portrays a collection of the Arctic’s fascinating animals.

Pls note this is a downloadable PDF format and can be viewed on any phone or tablet.