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Welcome to PAW PRINTZ

Makers of Natural Health Care Products for Pets

Proudly 100% Australian, Hand Crafted, Locally Produced
Here at PAW PRINTZ we’re passionate about the well-being of all Pets
Established in 2001, PAW PRINTZ offers a chemical-free range of Natural Health-care Products including our best-selling Skin Lotion and Shampoo for Sensitive Skins, as well as Nutritional Supplements (including our renowned ‘Ezy Bones’) to compliment the home made canine diet. Alongside a range of Home made and Healthy Dog and Cat Treats – all natural dog biscuits, and dehydrated meat, fish or vegetarian treats. All Natural, All Healthy, 100% Australia, Always. We wanted the very best for our companions – now your Pet can benefit from what our own Pets LOVE.


Beau’s Story
With the thanks of German Shepherd Rescue Victoria, this is how we came to share our lives with a big, black, shaggy dog.  Impounded with 13 of his siblings, Beau had spent the first 3 1/2 yrs of his life in a concreted pen with 23 other dogs.  But you wouldn’t know when you meet this soft cuddly teddy bear of a dog.  Click to read more of Beau’s story.


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Natural Health-care Products for Pets;  Nutritional Supplements to improve your pets diet;  Homemade and Healthy Dog & Cat Treats,  Books on Animal Care, plus our new Photography Portfolio


Meet Our Taste Testers
It was for our own dogs that we started on the journey of PAW PRINTZ. Along the way, we have been heart-broken with their lose, then fallen in love all over again when the next puppy came into our lives. Have a peak at who we especially developed the health-care products for, and who has trialed and tasted all those yummy pet treats over the years.


Find Us at a Farmers Market
Every Saturday and Sunday we’re out and about attending one to the infamous farmers markets located throughout Victoria.  Drop by and say hello, we’re happy to help you choose the right products for your pets or answer any questions on pet health and well being – there’s even free samples for Fido!  Click here To can find PAW PRINTZ at the following Victorian Markets


A Happy Hen is a Healthy Hen
 Why are Chickens so Great? They provide us with food for your family, they eat pests whilst fertilising the garden, and convert your food scraps into compost. Read all you need to know about keeping backyard chickens in our new book – available in soft cover or as a downloadable ebook


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