Beaus’ Story

On May 12th 2016, 22 dogs were impounded off a property in Geelong by the local council – 14 of them were German Shepherds. Geelong Animal Welfare Society and local rescues groups took many of the dogs, but the call for help was put out to German Shepherd Rescue Victoria (GSRV) for 9 of the shepherds.

This was also the day I had to say goodbye to my beloved black shepherd, Logan. The vet had discovered an inoperable tumour in his liver. I was heartbroken.

After a week of meticulous planning, GSRV went through the process of carefully transporting the friendly (but frightened) dogs to either foster homes or Lara where one of their supporters offered her kennels as temporary accommodation.

All dogs were lovely natured, however some required desexing and/or had medical issues such as wounds or ear infections. While they all displayed a level of anxiety, two of the girls showed significant fear and were thus taken into caring foster homes to work on this.

It had now been two weeks since Logan had passed away. I was missing him terribly. Life just wasn’t the same without a dog. I had previously bookmarked the GSRV site, and decided it was time to fill in an application for fostering a german shepherd. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to adopt, but I was more than ready to share my home again.

It was then that I learned the story of the 9 german shepherds that GSRV had in holding, looking for their forever homes. My application was approved. After a phone call to confirm, one of the young males was on its way!

Late in the afternoon of June 3rd a car pulls up in my driveway. Two of GSRV lovely ladies had driven two hours to bring me a foster (to adopt) rescue dog. Out of the back jumps a huge black wolf! Except he was actually a long haired german shepherd. He had been desexed, didn’t have a name and came with a collar, lead, bowl and big bag of food.

It only took 2 days to know he was here to stay. I was so worried that I couldn’t give my heart again so soon after loosing Logan, but he made it so easy for me. He was gentle, affectionate, well trained. He let me rub soothing lotion on his desexing wounds. Quietly laid there whilst I spent hours brushing him (no bath till the stitches were out). Patiently sat for his dinner, walked well on lead and was happy to meet and greet both people and dogs.

The hardest part was naming him. Shadow, Night, Devil. These are the names that sprang to mind when looking at a big black hairy dog. But we settled for BEAU, because it means sweetheart, and that’s exactly what he is.

Next week (Jan 9th) he will be 4 years old. It’s 7 months since he came into my life, and in that time he’s taught me to be patient with those that are a little unsure, that I don’t need to raise my voice to make myself heard, and that the best medicine for a broken heart is to love again. Thank you Beau – and thank you GSRV for bringing him into my life!


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