Raw Food Diet

If your dog is not as active, bright or happy as it should be – change their diet!

Cats and dogs have been evolving on this planet for 40 million years, eating raw food. Their mouths, teeth, stomach, intestines, organs and enzymes are all evolved to masticate process, digest and absorb the breakdown products of raw food.

A simple understanding of nutrition is as follows: Meat provides protein (building blocks) and fats (stored energy/cell function), cereals provide carbohydrates (ready to use/every day energy), and vegetables provide vitamins (enzymes/cell function), minerals (mortar for the building blocks) and fibre (normal bowel function).

There are many negative aspects of cooking, but put simply, it does three basic things to foods: It destroys vitamins and enzymes, denatures protein & decreases digestibility and bioavailability.

There is a growing stockpile of scientific evidence that links the long term consumption of cooked foods – especially cooked meat, to the development of a vast array of common illnesses and degenerative diseases including cancer. Skin disease, allergies, teeth and gum disease, arthritis, renal failure, ear infections, obesity, reproductive failure, and anal gland block- age can all be linked to improper nutrition, which can all lead to poor quality of life for both pet and owner.

Scientific studies as well as personal observations have shown that a variety of health  improvements can be expected on a natural, raw food diet, including:

Gastrointestinal tract – reduced flatulence, solidly formed faeces, eliminates anal gland blockage, corrects inflammatory / irritable bowel disease, moderates food allergy symptoms.
Growth and development – steady growth and maturation in all breeds, vastly reduced incidence of growth disorders like hip dysplasia and elbow OCD.
Immune system Рvastly  improved immune function and disease fighting capabilities, lowers incidence of auto-immune diseases, lower incidence of degenerative diseases and cancer, increased longevity.
Oral cavity – vastly improved teeth and gums, no bad breath, no need for veterinary teeth cleaning.
Parasites – reduced gastrointestinal worms, fewer fleas, mange and lice.
Reproductive – increased fertility and litter sizes, reduced obstetrical problems and caesareans, healthier, lively puppies, fewer litter mortalities.
Skin and Coat – greatly reduced skin disease, allergies, itchiness; softer coat, shine, no dandruff; reduced doggy odour, less need to bath dogs.
Urinary – eliminate constant urinary tract infections, eliminate crystal formation, reduced incidence of renal failure.

Many pets today suffer from a range of conditions as a direct result from being on commercial food diets. A variety of high-quality meats, bones and pureed vegetables served raw in combination with especially formulated supplements will supply everything your dog/cat needs for perfect health.

The fundamental principle behind Paw Printz is the raw food diet. Most carnivores are neither adequately designed or equipped to fully digest and absorb cooked food products.