Caring for Wildlife

Caring for Wildlife

POSSUMS – Working With Nature

  •     With such a high population of suburban possums around – removing from your home is just opening the door for another to move in.
  •     Instead, try confining them to a particular part of the garden by putting up a nest box and putting out some food, such as fruit or vegetables.
  •     For a Possum-Free area around ornamental plants and fruit trees use a deterrent, such as: Quasi Chips, Blood & Bone or Multicrop’s SCAT (bird & animal repellent)
  •     SCAT  – Mix with hot water, allow to cool, place in trigger-spray container and spray the plants foliage. SCAT has an odour and bitter taste possums don’t like, and is safe and effective. Keeps working for 10-12 weeks.


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