Kangaroo Tendons




Super tough, long lasting premium pet treat

•    100% natural – no preservatives, nothing added
•    Premium quality
•    Helps with dental care
•    Cures boredom
•    Easy and convenient
•    Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds

Dried Kangaroo Tendons are extremely hard and will test the strongest chewers. Suitable for all sized dogs, they can be used as a reward for training or simply as a healthy treat to spoil your dog.

Kangaroo Tendons are the best teeth cleaning treat on the market, and pack a nutritional punch. If your looking for the highest quality Kangaroo Tendons in Australia, this is it.

Please note: Roo Tendons are a highly sort after product, so may be out of stock from time to time.

50g or 100g  pack only