Fish Bites


NOT treated with any other substance, other than being dehydrated – so it’s as pure as possible
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⁃    Organic healthy tasty bit-sized morsels of assorted fish
⁃    Naturally dehydrated at low temperature to  concentrate and lock in the nutrition and flavour
⁃    Full of protein, vitamins and minerals

Scientific research suggests that Omega 3 fatty acids provide our pets additional health benefits during certain life stages or when suffering from certain diseases. Omega 3 fatty acids help too:

  • Control inflammation related to many pet skin problems and increase healing due to injury.
Ensure proper development of the nervous system and sharpness in vision.
Inhibit the growth of malignant cancer cells and reduce possibility of diabetes in our pets.
  • Slow cholesterol production.
  • Reduce joint tenderness.
  • Stimulate the immune system.
Helps Aid indigestion.
  • Help with maintenance of skin and coat conditions.